Electra Commercial Vehicles has recently announced a strategic partnership with Fluid Transfer Europe, a prominent French aircraft refueling solutions provider. The collaboration aims to introduce Electra’s range of electric trucks across French airport operations, with plans for broader expansion across Europe.


Source: Electra

The partnership with Fluid Transfer Europe signifies a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation solutions for airports in France and beyond. With nearly three decades of experience in the aviation industry and a strong presence in France, Fluid Transfer Europe is well-positioned to introduce and support the adoption of Electra’s innovative electric and hydrogen truck technology in airport settings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Electra Commercial Vehicles and bring their entire portfolio of electric and hydrogen trucks to French airport operations. This partnership represents a critical milestone in our commitment to providing sustainable mobility solutions and facilitating the transition towards greener airports,” said Stéphane Hecky, General Manager of Fluid Transfer Europe 

“Fluid Transfer Europe’s expertise and established presence as an aircraft refuelling solutions provider make them an ideal partner for Electra. Together, we aim to make a substantial impact on airport operations by offering a range of robust and innovative electric and hydrogen truck solutions that prioritise both performance and sustainability,” added Electra Managing Director Ben Smith.

Electra’s electric and hydrogen-powered trucks offer several advantages for airport operations, including zero emissions, reduced operating costs, and versatility in handling various tasks such as baggage handling, cargo transportation, and ground support services.

As the demand for sustainable solutions in airport logistics grows, the collaboration between Fluid Transfer Europe and Electra Commercial Vehicles is poised to address the evolving needs of the aviation industry, contributing to a greener and more efficient future.