INEOS Inovyn is collaborating with Daimler to conduct trials of Europe’s first heavy-duty liquid hydrogen truck. Powered by liquid hydrogen, this vehicle boasts a range of over 1000km and maintains the same payload capacity as conventional diesel trucks.

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The trials, set to run from mid-2024 for a year, involve testing Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Trucks, which are the first heavy-duty liquid hydrogen trucks in Europe. These trucks operating at 42t gross combination weight, have a payload capacity of up to 25 tonnes and a range exceeding 1000km, making them suitable for various transportation needs.

Commenting on the initiative, Wouter Bleukx, Business Director Hydrogen, highlighted INEOS Inovyn’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and the potential of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks in achieving this goal. As a leading producer of vinyls in Europe, INEOS Inovyn aims to integrate hydrogen-powered trucks into its delivery operations to reduce its Carbon footprint.

Additionally, the trials provide an opportunity for customers to explore the benefits of this innovative technology and contribute to reducing their own carbon footprint. INEOS Inovyn, along with logistics partner VERVAEKE, will manage the transportation of goods to customers, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of fuel-cell technology in daily operations.