Mercedes-Benz Trucks is embarking on its most comprehensive test run yet, set to take place this summer, featuring its electric flagship, the eActros 600. The initiative will see two nearly production-ready prototypes of the battery-electric long-haul truck traverse more than 20 European countries, covering over 13,000km each with a total gross combination weight of 40 tonnes. The tour, named the “eActros 600 European Testing Tour 2024,” is scheduled to kick off from Frankfurt/Main on June 11.


Source: Daimler

The primary goal of this ambitious journey is twofold, says the company. Firstly, Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to gather extensive real-world experience across various routes, terrains, and climate conditions to better understand energy consumption patterns. The insights gained will be invaluable for informing potential customers about the capabilities and suitability of the eActros 600 for their operations. Secondly, the tour serves as a demonstration of the viability of purely battery-electric, transnational long-distance haulage in Europe, showcasing the truck’s ability to charge exclusively at public charging stations.

“We are now on the home straight with series development,” explained Dr. Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “We are sending out a clear signal with the ‘eActros 600 European Testing Tour 2024’ a few months before the start of series production at the end of the year: We are firmly convinced that the two eActros 600 prototypes will cope very well with this enormous feat of strength, the largest test drive by Mercedes-Benz Trucks to date.”

Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales, and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, highlighted the significant customer interest in the eActros 600, citing over 1,000 firm orders and a substantial number of letters of intent received since the start of sales. Fagerman emphasised the importance of expanding expertise in consumption and deployment options through initiatives like the testing tour to better serve customers and provide informed consulting services.

The eActros 600 European Testing Tour follows a successful sales tour conducted last year with the eActros 300/400 for heavy-duty distribution transport, underscoring Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ commitment to advancing electric mobility solutions.

The eActros 600, equipped with a high-capacity battery exceeding 600kWh and an efficient electric drive axle, offers a range of 500km without intermediate charging. While charging infrastructure remains a crucial consideration for long-distance haulage, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is exploring innovative solutions such as megawatt charging to enhance charging capabilities and support long-haul operations across Europe.