Webfleet, a fleet management solution by Bridgestone, has unveiled its new EV Transition Tool aimed at aiding businesses in adopting electric vehicles (EVs) or expanding their existing EV fleets. This tool, developed as part of the EV Services Platform, intends to streamline the transition process, facilitating sustainability goals and operational efficacy.


Source: Webfleet

In collaboration with leaders from the energy and mobility sectors, the Webfleet EV Transition Tool offers a comprehensive platform to simplify the shift to electric vehicles. Drawing on fleet data, customers can assess their readiness for electrification, estimate total ownership costs, operational expenses, and potential co2 savings. Moreover, they receive insights into suitable EV models and the requisite Charging infrastructure tailored to their operations.

The tool not only assists fleet managers in decision-making but also facilitates direct engagement with prominent energy and mobility service providers associated with the EV Services Platform. Initially, users can connect with partners like VEV, Heliox, The Mobility House, CTEK, Justplugin, ChargeGuru, and Zeplug for end-to-end charging solutions across various locations, thus expediting the setup of charging infrastructure.

Taco Olthoff, EV Programme Director of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, expressed the goal of simplifying the EV transition for customers by leveraging their fleet data. The tool provides quick estimates of total ownership costs, enabling fleets to initiate their electrification journey without extensive consultancy. Users can then proceed with electrification, supported by a network of expert partners accessible within the tool.

The introduction of the Webfleet EV Transition Tool signifies a significant advancement in fleet electrification support. Utilizing fleet data, the solution offers customized electrification plans at no additional cost to European Webfleet customers subscribed to specific tariffs. Initially available for cars and vans, the tool aims to expand its capabilities to encompass additional features and vehicle types, underscoring Webfleet’s commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.