Siemens AG has successfully acquired Heliox, a leading provider of DC fast charging solutions specialising in eBus and eTruck fleets, as well as passenger vehicles. 


Source: Simens

Headquartered in the Netherlands and employing around 330 individuals, Heliox enhances Siemens’ eMobility Charging portfolio by introducing products and solutions spanning from 40 kilowatts (kW) to megawatt charging solutions for depots and en-route charging. This acquisition extends Siemens’ market presence, particularly in Europe and North America, while bolstering capabilities in power electronics. Heliox’s mobile, scalable, and parallel charging solutions are expected to enhance Siemens’ ability to cater to these markets effectively.

In addition to DC fast charging solutions, Heliox provides Charger monitoring and energy management services, thereby expanding Siemens eMobility’s Internet of Things (IoT) product portfolio and reinforcing its digitalisation and software offerings. The combination of the two companies’ charging portfolios creates a comprehensive solution for eBus and eTruck customers. Heliox is poised to leverage Siemens’ industrialisation capabilities, global sales network, and infrastructure to enhance production scale and meet the rising demand from customers.

Siemens eMobility, a part of Siemens Smart Infrastructure, offers IoT-enabled hardware, software, and services for both AC and DC charging, ranging from 11 kW to 1 megawatt, across a diverse range of applications. The acquisition of Heliox was completed from private equity firm Waterland and an entity owned by a group of employees and individual shareholders. The collaborative efforts of Siemens and Heliox aim to contribute to the continued growth of the eMobility sector, providing reliable and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles.