ReFuels, in collaboration with John Lewis Partnership, has embarked on a groundbreaking venture to build the inaugural biomethane HGV refuelling station in the South East of England.


The construction phase has commenced for this pioneering station located in Aylesford, Kent, poised to accommodate over 500 trucks per day and mitigating nearly 60,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, says the company in a press announcement.

Emerging as a result of the merger between CNG Fuels and Renewable Transport Fuel Services, ReFuels was established in May this year, now ranking as one of Europe’s largest renewable biomethane suppliers, catering to heavy transport and boasting full integration. This announcement regarding the biomethane station coincides with the UK government’s recently unveiled biomass strategy. The strategy underscores the potential of biomethane as a compelling fuel alternative for HGVs and other vehicle fleets that are not yet suited for electric-powered technology.

Philip Fjeld, CEO of ReFuels, highlighted the significance of bio-CNG as the sole available fuel capable of decarbonising the UK’s HGV fleet at the requisite scale and pace to achieve net-zero goals. Over a hundred fleets across the UK have embraced this fuel en masse, further solidifying the demand for such infrastructure, he explained.

The Aylesford station, a joint initiative of CNG Fuels (the infrastructure wing of ReFuels) and Foresight Group (a sustainability-focused investment management company), is strategically positioned to serve key UK trunk routes including the M20 and M2. The site, situated adjacent to Waitrose’s southeast distribution centre, was procured from the John Lewis Partnership (JLP). 

The newly established site features 12 fuel pumps with the capability to deliver 19kg of Bio-CNG annually, augmenting ReFuels’ existing network of 12 refuelling stations across the UK. Collectively, this network can accommodate the refuelling needs of over 6,000 HGVs daily, resulting in more than 750,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved compared to diesel. ReFuels envisions operating between 30 and 40 stations by 2026, with an aggregate capacity of up to 15,000 HGVs refuelling per day and an annual dispensation of over 600 million kg of biomethane, translating to an 8% reduction in UK HGV CO2 emissions.