ReFuels has inaugurated its 13th refuelling station, marking the first of its kind in Wales. Located in Bangor, near Junction 11 on the North Wales Expressway, the station boasts 12 pumps capable of servicing over 500 trucks per day, offering renewable biomethane derived from food waste and manure.


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The strategic positioning of the Bangor site is expected to play a pivotal role in facilitating low-carbon deliveries between Wales, England, and Ireland. Philip Fjeld, CEO and co-founder of ReFuels, highlighted the significance of the new station, stating, “our Bangor site serves a critical transport route for fleet operators, enabling low-carbon deliveries between Wales, England, and Ireland for the first time.”

The station is a joint venture between CNG Fuels, ReFuels’ infrastructure arm, and Foresight Group, a sustainability-led investment management company. Glen Morgan, operations manager at Dixon Transport, one of the companies set to utilise the station, emphasised the importance of the new location: “CNG Fuels’ newest station in Bangor brings far more than convenience - it is a strategically important location, opening up routes to and from Holyhead, for both Irish and UK fleets.”

ReFuels has experienced a surge in demand for bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from fleet operators, with an 80% increase in fuel dispensed in July 2023 compared to the same period the previous year, says the company. The company supports over 80 major fleets, including well-known brands such as DHL, Royal Mail, and Lidl.

To meet the growing demand for low-carbon, renewable bio-CNG, ReFuels aims to open between 30-40 new stations by 2026, with the capacity to refuel 15,000 HGVs daily and dispense more than 600,000 tonnes of renewable biomethane annually.


Source: Refuels

Additionally, the company is preparing for a multi-fuel future, with plans to host hydrogen trials across CNG Fuels’ sites. As part of the HyHAUL consortium which was recently awarded government funding through the ZEHID programme, CNG Fuels is actively involved in the development of the largest hydrogen mobility corridor in the UK. The company has a station under construction in Aylesford in Southeast England, with two additional stations expected to start construction in Q1 2024.