Hyzon Motors has announced the appointment of Erik Anderson as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective from August 24, 2023.


This strategic transition comes as George Gu, former Chairman, steps down from his position. Additionally, the Board has elected Andrea Farace to serve as Vice Chairman of Hyzon’s Board.

Anderson, who has been a member of Hyzon’s Board of Directors since 2021, brings with him extensive global experience as an innovator and investor across various sectors. As the Founder and CEO of WestRiver Group, Anderson possesses a wealth of knowledge in propelling business growth, expanding organisational reach, and securing growth-stage company capital. His leadership encompasses the management of four Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) that seek impactful solutions for decarbonising the global economy.

“Hyzon stands as a remarkable company, actively driving the Hydrogen transition and commercialisation through its proven fuel-cell technology and exceptional performance,” he said. ”I’m excited to collaborate with the entire team in this capacity to further the company’s ambitious mission, benefiting both the environment and investors, while contributing to the advancement of the decarbonisation industry.”

Incoming Vice Chairman of the Board, Andrea Farace, boasts over four decades of experience in finance and general business management on a global scale. He spent 20 years at Citigroup, holding roles such as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of various institutional businesses. Farace’s comprehensive background includes significant involvement in corporate governance, including chairing or participating in public and private boards, particularly those of regulated enterprises. Presently, he serves as Chairman of the Board of HBL Bank UK, a fully regulated UK bank, and as a board member for fintech companies operating in the UK, Germany, and Italy. Farace brings a unique and diverse global perspective to Hyzon, having managed financial and industrial businesses across multiple regions worldwide.