Quantron AG has joined forces with Mob’Hy, a specialist in the production and distribution of green hydrogen. As part of their collaboration, both companies have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to facilitate the procurement of 253 hydrogen-powered Quantron vehicles for use in Mob´Hy’s hydrogen ecosystems. 


In a joint effort to promote eco-friendly transportation solutions, Quantron AG and Mob’Hy have recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to collaborate on advancing hydrogen-powered vehicles in France. This partnership is a response to the ADEME Hydrogen Territorial Ecosystems call for projects and aims to bolster the growth of the hydrogen sector within the Grand Est region.

Under the LOI, Mob’Hy will acquire 253 hydrogen-powered Quantron vehicles for integration into its hydrogen ecosystems. This collaboration presents a significant opportunity for Quantron AG to establish a foothold in the French market and drive the adoption of eco-friendly technology and zero-emission mobility in the region.

Quantron AG is a reputable clean tech company specialising in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, with a particular focus on hydrogen-powered trucks. Its latest model, the Energon, is a long-haul truck equipped with fuel cells, designed for efficient freight transport. Boasting a range of up to 700km, the Energon emits only water vapor during its operation, demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmentally conscious transport solutions.

On the other hand, Mob’Hy is a specialist in green hydrogen production and distribution, benefitting from the expertise of Vent d’Est in renewable energy infrastructures, including wind and solar energy.