In early June, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) introduced its first two electric trucks at its subsidiary Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH (CTD). This move is part of HHLA’s sustainability strategy to reduce carbon emissions in logistics and provide more environmentally friendly transport solutions.

240603_0836_Raetzke_HHLA_CTD_E-TRUCK (1)

Source: HHLA

CTD will initially use these electric trucks for container transfers within the Port of Hamburg, conducting extensive tests to gather data on their efficiency and Charging cycles. This data will inform future decisions on expanding the electric truck fleet.

The new trucks, both Volvo FH electric models, recently named Truck of the Year 2024, offer a range of 260 to 340 kilometers when fully loaded. They are equipped with a 540kWh battery and have a maximum charge capacity of 250kW. Initially, these trucks will utilise public charging infrastructure.

Angela Titzrath, CEO of HHLA, emphasised the importance of environmentally friendly and resource-saving logistics as a key component of the company’s long-term strategy. She stated that HHLA aims to achieve climate-neutral production by 2040, leveraging innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions and benefit customers. The introduction of electric trucks is a significant step toward this goal.

HHLA has long been working to reduce the Carbon footprint of its operations. The company already uses electrically powered container gantry cranes, automated guided vehicles, and tractor units at its European terminals. Additionally, through the Clean Port & Logistics cluster, HHLA is exploring the use of hydrogen-powered equipment alongside electric battery-powered devices.

HHLA’s rail subsidiary, Metrans, has been using and testing electric trucks for container transport since 2022. This effort is part of Metrans’ strategy to provide completely climate-friendly transport solutions, integrating green road and rail transport to add significant value for customers.