Quantron AG has announced the launch of its fuel cell-powered light and heavy-duty trucks. This move is part of its strategy to achieve cost parity between zero-emission and diesel commercial vehicles through global partnerships with commercial vehicle and component manufacturers. Details of these partnerships will be unveiled at the IAA Transportation in Hannover in September 2024.


Source: Quantron AG

Quantron is pioneering in the light truck segment, offering Fuel Cell technology for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Additionally, it has introduced heavy-duty trucks up to 44 tonnes with fuel cell power, including the flagship Quantron QHM FCEV AERO. This heavy-duty tractor unit is available in both battery electric (BEV) and fuel cell electric (FCEV) versions.

The company has successfully delivered over 200 zero-emission commercial vehicles, including the battery-electric CIZARIS 12m city bus, operating in Italy and Austria. The product portfolio now includes light trucks for last-mile delivery and heavy trucks, powered by both battery and fuel cell technologies. The company recently announced it is part of the HYVE commercial vehicle trials in the Tees Valley in the UK and is also expected to supply vehicles to the UK’s HyHAUL ZEHID programme. 

The QHM FCEV AERO features a long-distance cab from MAN, integrated Hydrogen tanks, and ISO standard compliance for International operations. It uses advanced fuel cell technology from Ballard Power Systems.

The QLI FCEV light truck, built on an Iveco chassis and in operation with IKEA in Austria, offers a range of up to 450km and short refueling times. It is available in various weight classes and body variants, providing flexibility and efficiency for customers.