Hexagon Purus has entered into a partnership with Ford Trucks to supply a comprehensive hydrogen fuel storage system for the development of a hydrogen-powered truck prototype.


Source: Ford

The collaboration is part of the Horizon Europe project ZEFES (Zero Emission Freight EcoSystem), an initiative aimed at deploying zero-emission logistics solutions, in which Ford Trucks is actively involved, aspiring to contribute to the future of sustainable transportation.

Ford Trucks, as a participant in project ZEFES, is committed to developing and delivering a Fuel Cell electric heavy-duty prototype, named F-Max, within the framework of a broader fleet of zero-emission trucks. This initiative is designed to gather valuable data from real-world operational scenarios.

The F-Max FCEV represents Ford Trucks’ inaugural foray into fuel cell-powered vehicles. Developed and manufactured in Turkey, this prototype is slated to embark on European Ten-T corridor demonstrations in 2025, aligning with the goals of the ZEFES project.

“We focus our investment, R&D, and innovation efforts in line with our global electrification strategy to be a leading player in the decarbonisation transformation happening in the automotive industry,” explained Emrah Duman, Vice President of Ford Trucks. ”We are very happy to have the support from Hexagon Purus as an experienced partner in our development plan of a fuel-cell electric heavy-duty truck as part of project ZEFES.”

“We are using our in-depth knowledge of lightweight, reliable, and safe Hydrogen storage technology to help Ford Trucks pave the way for fuel-cell electric long-haul heavy-duty trucking in Europe,” added Michael Kleschinski, European Vice President of Hexagon Purus. ”We are excited to be selected by Ford Trucks to support their development plan as part of project ZEFES.”

Project ZEFES, a component of Horizon Europe, the European Union’s primary funding program for research and innovation, specifically addresses the decarbonisation of long-haul heavy-duty freight across Europe. The project aims to deploy nine different long-haul truck configurations, including six battery electric and three fuel-cell electric trucks. Over a 15-month period, these nine trucks will operate, collectively covering up to one million kilometres of driving data from real-world operations. With 40 partners from 14 countries and a total investment program of €35.5 million (£30m), project ZEFES is a collaborative effort to advance the transportation sector and align with the EU’s Green Deal emission targets.