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    Tesla (Financials)

    2024-05-30T09:17:00Z By Tesla

    Source: Shutterstock GAAP operating income: $1.2 billion GAAP net income: $1.1 billion Non-GAAP net income: $1.5 billion Tesla faced challenges including the Red Sea conflict and an arson attack at Gigafactory Berlin. Despite these, COGS per unit declined due to lower raw material costs. Market ...

  • SANY
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    SANY (Financials)

    2024-05-23T11:34:00Z By SANY

    SANY Heavy Industry (SSE: 600031) has reported its 2023 financial results, showcasing robust international growth amid market challenges. Total revenues for the year stood at RMB 74.02 billion (US$10.43 billion), a decrease of 8.44% year-on-year, though this represents a significant narrowing of the previous year’s decline by 15.92 percentage points. ...

  • Hyzon
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    Hyzon Motors (Financials)

    2024-05-10T14:09:00Z By Hyzon Motors

    Hyzon announced its first quarter 2024 financial and operating results on May 13, 2024. Hyzon Source: Hyzon Key Highlights Revenue: Hyzon reported $10.0 million in revenue for Q1 2024, marking a significant increase from no revenue in the same period last year. This growth reflects ...

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    Dennis Eagle

    2023-07-13T11:49:00Z By Dennis Eagle

    Postion: President Name: Geoff Rigg Linkedin: Personel Description: Geoff Rigg is an experienced business leader in the specialist vehicle sector for over 30 years with a long association with the Dennis marque. He is currently the President of Dennis Eagle Inc, leading the USA/Canadian enterprise ...

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    2023-07-07T14:59:00Z By Isuzu

    Position: Manging Director Name: Peter Murphy Linkedin: Personel Description: Peter Murphy, the esteemed Managing Director at Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd, has made significant contributions to the trucking industry over his 30-year career. With his commitment, expertise, and consistent achievements, Murphy continues to steer ...

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    2023-04-05T14:37:00Z By Iveco

    Position: CEO Name: Gerrit Marx Linkedin: Unknown Personel Description: Gerrit Marx has over 20 years of experience in various industrial segments, particularly the automotive industry. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, MBA, and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He worked at McKinsey & Company before joining Daimler ...

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    Mercedes-Benz Trucks

    2023-04-05T14:35:00Z By Mercedes-Benz Trucks

    Position: CEO Name: Karin Rådström Linkedin:Karin Rådström | LinkedIn Personel Description: Karin Rådström is currently a Member of the Board of Management at Daimler Truck AG and the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. She has a background in marketing communications, product management, and sales support. Prior to her ...

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    2023-04-04T15:23:00Z By Kenworth

    Position: General Manager of Kenworth Truck Company Name: Kevin Baney Linkedin: Kevin Baney | LinkedIn Personel Description: Kevin Baney has been appointed as the General Manager of Kenworth Truck Company and a Vice President of PACCAR. He has been with PACCAR for 25 years and started ...

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    2023-03-23T12:05:00Z By Peterbilt

    Position: General Manager Name: Jason Skoog Linkedin: Jason Skoog | LinkedIn Personel Description: Jason Skoog is an experienced business leader and the current General Manager at Peterbilt Motors, a subsidiary of PACCAR, Inc. With over 20 years at PACCAR, he has held various roles in sales, finance, ...

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    2023-03-23T11:00:00Z By Terraline

    Position: Founder & CEO Name: Graham Doorley Linkedin: Graham Doorley | LinkedIn Personel Description: Terraline’s Founder & CEO, Graham Doorley, is an entrepreneurial engineer and lifelong car enthusiast who has worked at innovative transportation startups such as Tesla and Waymo. With eight years of experience as a ...

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    FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation

    2023-03-21T14:01:00Z By FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation

    Position: CEO Name: Karl Deppen Linkedin: Personel Description: Karl Deppen currently serves as CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation in Japan and India. He is also a member of the Board of Management for both Daimler Truck Holding AG and Daimler Truck AG. ...

  • magtec md
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    2023-03-21T11:52:00Z By MAGTEC

    Name: Andrew Gilligan Position: Managing Director Linkedin: Andrew Gilligan | LinkedIn Personal Profile: Andrew Sloan is an experienced engineer and business leader currently serving as the Head of Engineering at Magtec. With a background in electrical and electronic engineering, he began his career in the Royal Navy ...

  • lunaz
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    Lunaz Applied Technologies

    2023-03-21T11:52:00Z By Lunaz Applied Technologies

    Position: Founder and Chief Executive Officer Name: David Lorenzo LinkedIn profile: David Lorenz | LinkedIn Personel Description: David Lorenz is the founder and CEO of Lunaz, a company that upcycles redundant vehicles by giving them a second, all-electric life, reducing global tailpipe emissions. Lorenz ...

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    Electra Commercial Vehicles

    2023-03-21T11:49:00Z By Electra Commercial Vehicles

    Position: Managing Director Name: Benjamin Smith LinkedIn profile: Benjamin Smith | LinkedIn Personal Profile : Benjamin Smith is the Managing Director of Electra Commercial Vehicles Ltd, a leading company in electrifying commercial vehicles. With over 3 years of experience in this role, Benjamin has ...

  • byd ceo
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    2023-03-21T11:43:00Z By BYD

    Position: CEO BYD Corportation Name: Wang Chuanfu LinkedIn profile: Personal Profile: Wang Chuanfu is a Chinese chemist, billionaire entrepreneur, and the founder, chairman, and CEO of BYD Company. He pursued his education at Central South University, where he studied chemistry, and later obtained ...

  • parker meek
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    Hyzon Motors

    2023-03-21T10:58:00Z By Hyzon Motors

    Position: President, Interim Chief Executive Officer Name: Parker Meeks LinkedIn profile: Parker Meeks | LinkedIn Personel Description: As the Chief Operating Officer of Hyzon, Parker is responsible for driving strategic planning and management of the company’s global operations. His wide-ranging experience in energy, infrastructure, ...

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    Designwerk Technologies AG

    2023-03-21T10:57:00Z By Designwerk Technologies AG

    Position: CEO Name: Adrian Melliger Linkedin: Personal profile: Adrian Melliger is a visionary CEO and Co-Owner of Designwerk Technologies GmbH and Ground Handling Team Holding AG, focusing on e-mobility and ground handling. He has successfully led Designwerk Technologies, contributing to sustainable transportation solutions. As Co-Owner of ...

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    2023-03-21T10:54:00Z By Hyliko

    Position: President and Founder Name: Florent Bergeret Linkedin: Personel Description: Florent Bergeret is the founder and chairman of Hyliko, a decarbonization service for transport that provides truck lease and maintenance, Supergreen hydrogen, carbon credit certification, and management. He also founded Carbonloop, a carbon-negative energy producer, and ...

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    2023-03-21T10:51:00Z By HVS

    Position: Chief Executive Officer Name: Jawad Khursheed LinkedIn profile: Jawad Khursheed | LinkedIn Personal profile: Jawad Khursheed is an accomplished and ambitious leader recognized for his expertise in management, strategy, and business optimization. As the Executive Chairman of HV Systems (HVS) since ...

  • elon musk
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    2023-03-21T10:32:00Z By Tesla

    Position: CEO Name: Elon Musk LinkedIn profile: N/A Personal profile: Elon Musk is a entrepreneur and business magnate known for his significant contributions to the fields of technology, transportation, and renewable energy.His work with Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, and Model X electric ...