Mercedes-Benz Trucks

merc ceo

Position: CEO

Name: Karin Rådström

Linkedin:Karin Rådström | LinkedIn

Personel Description: Karin Rådström is currently a Member of the Board of Management at Daimler Truck AG and the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. She has a background in marketing communications, product management, and sales support. Prior to her current position, Rådström held various leadership roles at Scania, where she was responsible for global sales, marketing, and product management of Scania Services for Connected Vehicles. She also has experience as a product manager, sales engineer, and marketing trainee. Rådström holds a degree in Industrial Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, as well as degrees in Biochemistry and Applied Science.



Postion: Managing Director

Name: Heiko Selzam


Personel Description: Heiko Selzam is the current Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK since April 2022, with 27 years of sales and marketing experience in commercial vehicles, including 13 years in Senior Leadership Positions. He has worked on all Daimler group levels and has a proven track record of meeting or exceeding relevant sales and service targets for new and used trucks, team management, and managing complex projects like Daimler M&A.



Postion: Head of Future Sustainability 

Name: James Venables


Personel Description: James Venables is the Head of Future Sustainability at Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK. He has a BEng (Hons) degree in Automotive Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire. Venables has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, including 17 years at Mercedes-Benz in the UK, where he held various roles such as Technical Sales Consultant, Fleet Sales Manager, and Strategic Account Manager. He also worked as a Product Engineering Specialist in national fleet sales for trucks. Before joining Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, Venables served as an eConsultancy Manager at Hybrid. Click here to read our interview with James Venables.