MAN to build battery production site in Nuremberg by 2025. Facility aims to manufacture 100,000 battery packs per year for electric trucks and buses, with the investment of €100 million.


The Bavarian State Government in Germany has pledged nearly €25 million in financial support to MAN’s Nuremberg plant. This funding is part of a broader initiative aimed at advancing the technology of high-voltage batteries for electric commercial vehicles. 

The decision to select Nuremberg as the location for MAN’s battery production site is the outcome of extensive collaboration between various stakeholders. “Good news for Nuremberg at today’s works meeting: MAN is moving into the future and doing so with strong support from the Free State of Bavaria,” explained Dr Markus Söder, the Bavarian Prime Minister. He emphasised the government’s commitment by highlighting the allocation of funding for the development and research of battery technology at MAN, which is seen as the first step towards establishing a battery technology gigafactory in Nuremberg.

The production of battery packs at MAN’s Nuremberg site has already commenced on a smaller scale since 2021, focusing on pre-series and small-scale production. However, with the introduction of a new production facility and an additional hall, battery production will be gradually scaled up starting in 2025.