Dutch food logistics business, Simon Loos has become the recipient of the first eActros 300 Tractor, marking the debut of an electric Mercedes tractor unit in the Netherlands.


Simon Loos has been using seven eActros rigid variants since 2022, serving various customers, supermarkets, and catering businesses, particularly in the Randstad region of Holland and the new tractor unit, the first of an order for five, marks a further roll-out of electric vehicles across the fleet.

The eActros 300 Tractor entered series production in 2021, this electric tractor unit demonstrates impressive capabilities. It is equipped with three battery packs, each boasting an installed capacity of 112kWh, enabling a range of up to 220km on a single battery charge. The eActros 300 Tractor supports fast charging with a capacity of up to 160kW. At a standard DC fast charging station with a charging current of 400 Amps, the three battery packs require slightly over an hour to charge from 20 to 80 percent capacity.