DHL Group has announced a partnership with energy provider E.ON to expand the charging infrastructure for electric trucks in Germany. This collaboration involves the installation of fast-charging stations at DHL Group distribution centres across the country.


Source: DHL

E.ON will manage the planning and construction of the fast-charging and transformer stations, as well as handle installation, load management, and operation. The Charging and billing systems are specifically designed for electric trucks, allowing charging at loading docks and outdoor parking spaces. E.ON will implement solutions such as overhead cable guidance systems to facilitate seamless charging even in tight spaces.

The new infrastructure will also be available to DHL service partners, including fleet operators and transportation companies. This aligns with DHL Group’s sustainability strategy, which aims to provide climate-friendly products and services to optimise customers’ supply chains by reducing emissions and minimising environmental impact.

“The electrification of our fleet, especially for heavy commercial vehicles, is crucial to making our logistics chain as sustainable as possible. We are pleased to partner with E.ON to expand this infrastructure for us and our partners,” said Andreas Mündel, Senior Vice President Strategy & Operation Programs at DHL Group.

Mathias Wiecher, Chief Commercial Officer of E.ON Drive, highlighted the significance of this initiative: “Electromobility is essential for reducing emissions in transportation and logistics,” he said. ”Electrifying an entire fleet of trucks is a complex challenge, and our goal is to provide optimal solutions that meet both operational and sustainability requirements. We look forward to working with DHL to drive this transformation in logistics.”