Designwerk Technologies AG has unveiled its latest innovation in charging technology: the MDC 88-920, a mobile DC fast charger. This new device is designed to meet the growing demand for efficient overnight charging of commercial vehicles with large battery capacities.


Source: Desginwerk

The MDC 88-920 offers a sustained charging power of 84 kilowatts at a voltage of up to 1000 volts, says the company, enabling an electric truck with a 500kWh to be charged from 10% to 80% in under four hours. Vehicles with a 1000kWh battery can achieve a full charge in around 10 hours. This makes the charger particularly useful for electric trucks, such as those used for long-distance hauling, as well as for depot-based vehicles like waste collection.

One of the key features of the MDC 88-920 is its ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously at 42kW each. The device combines high charging power with a compact and mobile design, making it up to 65% smaller than comparable chargers with similar capacities.

The MDC 88-920 is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of transport, thanks to its compact size and wheels. It utilises common industrial socket formats (CEE 63 and CEE 125) and supports multiple charging standards, including CCS Type 1 and 2, CHAdeMO, and the Chinese GB/T standard. The charger can also integrate NACS and the new MCS standards, ensuring broad compatibility with various electric vehicles.

Users can manage and analyse charging processes via interfaces that support straightforward charging management and diagnostics.