Hydrexia Energy Technology has unveiled an innovative solution that addresses the bottlenecks of hydrogen storage and distribution. The company’s newly launched Metal Hydride (MHx) solid-state hydrogen storage and distribution trailer uses a magnesium-based alloy for hydrogen storage, enhancing transportation safety and distance while reducing costs.


Source: Hydrexia Energy Technology Press Release

Hydrexia Energy Technology, a leading integrated hydrogen technology solution provider in China, has recently launched a first-of-its-kind Metal Hydride (MHx) solid-state hydrogen storage and distribution trailer. This product uses a magnesium-based alloy as the material for hydrogen storage, which significantly enhances transportation safety and distance while reducing transportation costs.

According to the companym the trailer features:

  • a large solid-state hydrogen storage capacity of 1 tonne
  • high hydrogen storage density of 6.4%wt
  • low operating pressure under 12 bar
  • high hydrogen purity of 99.999%
  • long lifetime of 3,000 cycles without performance reduction
  • stable transport under ambient conditions of temperature and pressure
  • zero gas losses during transportation.

The trailer is designed within a standard 40-foot container makes it easy to be distributed by road, railway, and ocean. It is well suited for a wide range of application scenarios including energy storage and power supply, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, and hydrogen refueling stations.

Alex Fang, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer at Hydrexia said, “Our MHx technology for hydrogen storage and distribution lays a solid foundation for the future development of the hydrogen industry. It will further solidify Hydrexia’s global market position as a frontrunner.”