Voith Group has announced the establishment of Voith HySTech at its Garching site in Germany. The new company aims to bolster Voith’s presence in the burgeoning hydrogen technologies market, with a specific focus on hydrogen storage systems tailored for heavy-duty vehicles. 


Source: Voith

“With the founding of Voith HySTech GmbH, we can serve the growing customer requirements in a targeted manner and leverage the existing growth potential in the Hydrogen sector with our broad expertise,” says Dr. Toralf Haag, CEO of Voith.

Leveraging over a decade of experience in carbon composites and a deep understanding of industry and automotive sectors, Voith brings substantial knowledge to hydrogen tank systems. Building upon this foundation, Voith has developed a Plug & Drive h2 storage system designed for heavy-duty vehicles.

The system integrates 700 bar hydrogen tanks, which received approval for on-road use in Europe as of December 2023. By consolidating expertise from both sectors, Voith HySTech aims to maximise the potential of hydrogen technology and contribute to the decarbonisation of heavy-duty transport.