Recycling and waste collector WIN Waste Innovations, based in Massachusetts, has added two Mack LR Electric Class 8 collection vehicles to its fleet. These electric trucks are exclusively powered by the waste they collect, representing a significant step towards sustainable waste management.

Mack LR Electric

Source: MACK

The two Mack LR Electric vehicles are set to collect 150 cubic yards of waste daily on service routes in Boston, Massachusetts. The collected waste will be converted into renewable energy to charge the LR electric vehicles, and surplus renewable energy will be distributed to homes and businesses in the region. This initiative is expected to eliminate the need for approximately 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

With 50 collection, transfer, and disposal assets, including waste-to-energy facilities, transfer solutions, ash monofils, landfills, and various fleets, WIN Waste operates with a focus on sustainability. The company recycles over 354,000 tons of plastic, paper, and metals annually, converting more than 6.4 million tons of post-recycled waste into renewable energy.

Dan Mayo, CEO of WIN Waste Innovations, highlighted the alignment of electric trucks with WIN Waste’s commitment to sustainability and circularity. He stated, “By recharging our Mack LR Electric trucks using the energy generated from the very waste they collect, we are actively bolstering our own sustainability goals, as well as those of our customers.”

The Mack LR Electric offers a standard 376kWh total battery capacity, providing 42 percent more energy and an extended range between charges. The twin electric motors deliver 448 continuous horsepower (330kW) and 4,051lb-ft (5,468Nm) of peak torque output from zero RPM.