Volvo Trucks has achieved a significant milestone as the first truck manufacturer in the UK to gain approval for four different low-emission vehicle models under the UK government’s plug-in grant scheme, offering incentives of up to £25,000 on new registrations. 


Source: Volvo

The newly approved models include the Volvo FH Electric and FM Electric, expanding the range alongside the already-approved Volvo FL Electric 4x2 rigid and the FE Electric 6x2 rigid.

The approval encompasses both the FH Electric and FM Electric models, configured as 4x2 tractor units with the maximum six batteries. Under the terms of the large truck grant scheme, businesses, organisations, or individuals are eligible to receive up to five large truck grants each financial year (1 April to 31 March) at the highest rate of £25,000. After reaching this limit, the grant reduces to £16,000 for the next 250 grants, and each entity can obtain up to 10 grants at the lower rate. Following this, the maximum grant amount becomes £5,000, subject to an overall limit of 1,500 grants per customer.

“The availability of our full range of electric vehicles represents a new era in road transport and demonstrates our clear market leadership in electromobility,” said Hannah Mayo, Director of New Vehicle Sales at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland. She further notes that with over 250 electric truck orders secured for the UK and Irish markets at the end of the previous year, the inclusion of FH and FM Electric models in the grant scheme provides an added incentive for fleets to transition towards electric vehicles.

Volvo Trucks’ electric driveline option is available across its FH, FM, FMX, FE, and FL model ranges, currently in production and ready for ordering. As the grant scheme resets for the new financial year, this development is seen as an opportune moment for fleets to consider transitioning to electric vehicles with the support of government incentives.