The Vienna Professional Fire Department is embracing electric technology by introducing two electrically powered basic firefighting vehicles (BLF) to its fleet.


Manufactured by Rosenbauer, these vehicles are equipped with a high-voltage battery boasting a capacity of 66kWh. They feature two electric motors that deliver a peak electrical drive power of 360kW.

To ensure optimal functionality during longer missions or in the event of a prolonged power failure, the vehicles are equipped with a 225kW diesel range extender as back-up, developed by Rosenbauer. The electric motors utilised in the vehicles are provided by Volvo Penta.

The foundation of the vehicle is the Rosenbauer RT (Revolutionary Technology) model, which has already been deployed globally with 21 units delivered. With the inclusion of the vehicles in Berlin and Basel, the entire DACH (germany, Austria, Switzerland) region now features Rosenbauer RTs. The units commissioned for Vienna are based on the Rosenbauer RT 4x4 Basic Chassis.

The Rosenbauer BLF combines the characteristics of the two current firefighting vehicle types (rescue and tank firefighting vehicles), says the company. Due to this unique combination, it is referred to as a basic firefighting vehicle. These vehicles are equipped with 2,000 liters of water, 100 litres of foam concentrate, and a water cannon mounted on the roof of the cab. The electric motor operates the built-in pump, ensuring the vehicle’s firefighting capabilities.

The introduction of electrically-powered basic firefighting vehicles by the Vienna Fire Department demonstrates its commitment to adopting environmentally friendly technologies. By integrating electric motors and utilising a high-voltage battery, these vehicles offer enhanced sustainability and reduced emissions while maintaining the necessary firefighting functionalities.