Sany has unveiled it will be including hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks in its line-up, along with plans to develop hydrogen production and storage facilities in China. 


The new Sany hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will boast a range of over 500km when fully fueled according to the company. Rao Hongyu, General Manager of SANY Hydrogen Energy, highlighted the advantages of hydrogen-powered trucks over their electric counterparts, particularly in addressing operational challenges in low-temperature environments.

In addition, Sany has recently inaugurated a hydrogen production and distribution station, which utilies green electricity for the hydrogen-making process. Rao Hongyu underscored the cost-saving benefits of on-site hydrogen production, facilitated by factors such as the utilisation of off-peak electricity and photovoltaic energy sources. He emphasized the favorable economic landscape for hydrogen production, attributing it to the remarkable progress in wind power and photovoltaic industries. This reduction in electricity generation costs has significantly enhanced the viability of hydrogen production, aligning with China’s ambitious goals of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.