Scania has expanded its range of battery-electric vehicle (BEV) trucks, offering a wider array of solutions tailored to various applications. These additions include two new electric rigid vehicle, a 6x4 double-drive configuration for enhanced traction, and ranges of up to 520 km for 29-tonne trucks.


Source: Scania

Scania’s latest offerings cater specifically to haulers and transporters in distribution or construction-related operations. The introduction of a tandem bogie axle for BEVs allows for the specification of trucks for various applications without compromising traction or load-carrying capacity. Additionally, the company is introducing several power take-off solutions to accommodate hydraulic systems or other bodybuilder equipment.

“We are steadily adding more and more customer value and specification choices with our continuous introductions,” says Fredrik Allard, Senior Vice President, and Head of E-mobility at Scania. “And the customers reward us with increased interest since it is now obvious how well these trucks serve and behave in actual operations and how truly appreciated they are among drivers. We constantly hear stories about drivers that were sceptical at first, but then fell in love with their electric trucks.” 

The newly introduced electric trucks, available in 210kW and 240kW versions, are well-suited for construction-oriented operations, offering the necessary power levels for tasks such as municipal services. These machines are designed to be compact, providing ample space for batteries or additional equipment.

“It is the 9-litre engine equivalent if I were to do a diesel comparison,” says Allard. “It’s the kind of electric machine that fits in an endless number of operations by being light and flexible, yet also powerful. It has one single permanent magnet, two gears and is really ‘torquey’ for its size. It offers driveability and the smoothness that drivers have come to expect from electric powertrains.”  

Efficient and robust power take-off systems are essential for various applications, and Scania is addressing this need by introducing a range of PTO solutions. Additionally, the company underscores the environmental benefits of its batteries, which are produced using fossil-free electricity in northern Sweden, resulting in a significantly reduced Carbon footprint compared to industry standards.