Lunaz has received approval for its refuse trucks to operate in London, having achieved the highest Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating for driver visibility.


The DVS rating, ranging from zero to five stars, is a significant milestone for Lunaz’s UEVs as it enables operators to obtain permits from London Boroughs without further documentation or vehicle modifications. This accreditation aligns with the Mayor’s commitment to eliminating road deaths in London by 2041.

Each Lunaz refuse truck is equipped with advanced technologies to enhance driver visibility and ensure road safety. An external camera monitoring system, along with digitised rear view mirrors, provides comprehensive views around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots. Additionally, an object detection system alerts drivers to potential hazards, such as cyclists or pedestrians, further enhancing safety measures.

The approval for service in London marks a significant advancement in Lunaz’s mission to promote the adoption of UEVs by local authorities, particularly as replacements for end-of-life diesel trucks. By upcycling existing vehicles, Lunaz aims to reduce landfill waste and minimise the environmental impact of commercial vehicle fleets.

Notably, Lunaz UEVs offer cost savings for taxpayers and business operators, with a 25% lifetime capital saving compared to new equivalents, says the company. Over a typical seven-year life cycle, Lunaz UEVs match the Total Cost of Ownership of polluting diesel trucks, facilitating the transition to zero-emission vehicles without straining existing budgets.


Lunaz’s success underscores the growing demand for commercial vehicle upcycling and electrification in response to global efforts towards achieving Net Zero emissions and promoting clean-air mobility. With plans to expand its workforce and production capacity, Lunaz is poised to play a significant role in the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.