Lunaz, which went into administration earlier this year has re-emerged, re-branding its commercial vehicle upcycling business Upcycled Electric Vehicle and preparing to re-start conversions at its Silverstone facility. 


Source: Lunaz

In an announcement on LinkedIn, founder and CEO of the company David Lorenz explained: ”We are delighted to have worked with our clients and stakeholders to create a new structure that lays the foundation for the global growth of our passenger and commercial vehicle upcycling and electrification businesses. This means we are ready to accelerate the clean-air commercial vehicle revolution while furthering the legacies of the most beautiful and significant cars in history.

”Our commercial vehicles business is now called UEV which stands for Up-cycled Electric Vehicle. This category, which we have trademarked, provides a dramatically more sustainable and economical path to transitioning commercial and industrial fleets to clean-air powertrains.”

Founded in 2019 by David Lorenz, Lunaz initially focused on converting classic cars to battery electric but later expanded its scope to include trucks. In March, Lunaz announced the cessation of production citing the government’s postponement of the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 to 2035 as a contributing factor. Consequently, the segment of the company responsible for converting bin lorries to electric power, Lunaz Applied Technologies, went into administration. 

”Both businesses are ready to meet the immediate demand for vehicle electrification services and are prepared to scale in response to volume requirements as major markets move towards legislative bans on internal combustion engine (ICE) commercial vehicles,” added Lorenz.