Holcim, a world-leading building materials producer, has announced a major 1000-truck deal of the eActros 600, the largest single order for the electric truck.


Source: Daimler

The eActros 600, which made its world premiere in October, aligns with Holcim’s commitment to more sustainable and efficient transportation. The joint letter of intent signed by both companies highlights their strong partnership and shared dedication to achieving sustainability objectives.

The majority of these battery-electric trucks will be employed for transporting building materials, such as cement, using silo trailers. With a high battery capacity exceeding 600kWh and an efficient in-house developed electric drive axle, the eActros 600 boasts a range of 500km.

The eActros 600 is equipped with CCS charging capabilities of up to 400kW, with future plans to enable megawatt charging (MCS). The truck’s design features a modern and aerodynamic appearance. 

Series production of the eActros 600 is scheduled to commence at the end of 2024 with plans to produce both tractor units and rigid variants from the market launch, providing customers with versatile applications for all-electric transport. A fleet of approximately fifty prototype vehicles is currently in production, some of which will undergo practical testing with initial customers in the next phase.