In June 2022, Scania debuted battery electric trucks for regional transportation. Currently the orders have reached 640, and the corporation sees a definite trend for electric vehicles.

After the debut of battery electric regional transport vehicles seven months ago, Scania sees a significantly developing demand in these solutions: “We know that with our large range of electrified vehicles, we can offer sustainable zero-emission solutions for our clients. The amount of orders are an indication that the market is now more than ready to take on electrification,” says Fredrik Allard, Head of Electrification, Scania.

With 640 orders for electric regional trucks to far and counting, it is evident that they are part of solutions that include all of the skills that a transport business eager for electrification need. Scania’s 624 kWh of installed batteries enable a significant change in electric vehicles and their operability in regional operations.


Source: Scania Press Release

“The amount of electric trucks in this segment ordered to date exceeds our expectations. We see that there are close to 140 customers several different customers that have begun to transit their fleet to electric, from all over Europe and even Mexico. Some have ordered more than 40 electric vehicles each,” Allard continues.

”Scania has thoroughly analysed our transport operations. They offered a complete solution, including charging, that perfectly suits our needs. These regional trucks are just the beginning but we are extremely excited to embrace this path with Scania for our transports electrification,” says Andrea Condotta, Public Affairs & Innovation Manager, Gruber Logistics.

Scania and its partners celebrated a key milestone with the launch of regional battery electric trucks, which increased range in every dimension. This opens up new prospects for a wide range of clients as well as the whole transportation ecosystem. Regional truck production will commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.