In a strategic move towards sustainable transportation, Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has revealed a collaborative effort with Zeti and Gravis Capital to launch a Transport as a Service (TaaS) offering for its hydrogen fuel cell trucks.


Source: HVS

HVS has partnered with Zeti, a green financial tech company, and Gravis Capital, bringing fleets a new funding solution for zero emission trucks.

Zeti, a green-fintech solution provider with a mission to reduce carbon emissions, brings a digital financing platform to the table. This platform connects fleet operators with institutional lenders, providing access to multi-million-pound capital funds for deploying hydrogen-powered vehicles in their operations. The digital infrastructure offers flexibility and visibility for fleet operators, and the pay-per-mile financing model is designed to optimise cash flow and protect profit margins.

“We see this as a real value-add for those fleet operators looking to decarbonise their fleets to achieve challenging net zero targets,” said Jawad Khursheed, CEO of HVS. 

Gravis Capital, an Alternative Investment Fund Manager with approximately £1.5 billion of assets, is involved in the partnership. The company focuses on long-term investments in projects that contribute positively to society and the environment. With a track record in areas such as infrastructure, renewable energy, logistics, and data centers, Gravis Capital supports initiatives that generate steady returns and dependable cash flows.

The HVS MCV, designed for regional and urban operations, features a hydrogen fuel cell power type, day cab, and a mission profile categorised as medium. The HVS HGV, designed for regional operations, boasts a hydrogen fuel cell power type, sleeper cab, and a heavy mission profile. Both vehicles are currently in the prototype stage, with series production expected after the homologation and certification processes.