E.On, the energy company, has inaugurated a TestingLab at its German headquarters dedicated to the testing of charging and energy technologies. The lab is designed to evaluate the requirements for entire electric truck fleets, offering testing capabilities of up to three megawatts of power.


Source: E.on

Covering approximately 10,000sq-m, the facility at E.On’s German headquarters conducts tests and research on Charging solutions and their intelligent integration into the energy system. With over 25 test stations and five climate chambers, the lab aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of vehicles, charging stations, wall boxes, and related accessories.

One notable feature of the E.On TestingLab is its focus on heavy-duty applications, making it the only facility in Europe where fast charging in heavy-duty vehicles can be tested with up to three megawatts of power. The lab’s climate chambers are equipped to simulate a range of global temperatures, allowing for testing in extreme conditions from freezing cold to intense heat. 

The primary target audience for the TestingLab includes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and charging solutions manufacturers looking to enhance their research and development efforts. E.On also plans to offer training programmes for installation and maintenance at the test centre.

Beyond truck testing, E.On acknowledges the expanding public and private charging infrastructure in Germany and Europe as a key motivation for establishing the TestingLab. The company sees interoperability challenges arising from the increasing number and variety of vehicle models and charging solutions. The lab aims to optimise interoperability and reliability of the charging infrastructure, addressing the complexities associated with various charging solutions, including fast charging for electric cars and trucks and bi-directional charging for applications like vehicle-to-home.

While aiming to own 5,000 new high-power charge points by 2026, E.On emphasises its commitment to making electromobility accessible on a broad scale and suitable for practical use. The TestingLab serves as a platform to try out, test, and optimise technologies for everyday use by businesses and private customers. E.On’s broader vision aligns with the dynamic market development of electric mobility, contributing to the energy transition, clean transport, and climate protection.

E.On has established partnerships with various entities, including BMW subsidiary Alphabet and Mercedes. The company operates over 36,000 public charge points and 3,000 ultra-rapid charging stations, available through its app. In Germany, E.On reportedly secured federal funding for 1,200 charge points as part of the national network Deutschlandnetz, positioning itself as a major player in the nationwide fast-charging network. Additionally, the company sold over 20,000 charging points to private and business customers across Europe in 2022 alone.