A new suite of algorithms which harnesses the power of AI and machine learning have been launched by route optimisation specialist Optimize in a bid to help customers within the fleet sector decarbonise and improve efficiency throughout their organisations. The algorithms, which have been developed over the past 18 months, will not only provide further benefits to productivity and efficiency, but will revolutionise how operators manage their fleets.

With the process of optimising fleets becoming increasingly time consuming, difficult and ever more complex for fleet operators, Optimize’s next generation of algorithms push manual planning firmly into the past, while helping to transition the route optimisation process. Whereas manual route optimisation and planning will often take hours or days, Optimize’s cutting-edge algorithms can provide solutions in minutes or even seconds.

Through the use of AI and machine learning the new algorithms will deliver productivity breakthroughs for Optimize clients as they seek to decarbonise their businesses, reduce emissions, improve efficiency and maximise the utilisation of their assets. Equally, with commercial fleet operators facing the impossible task of asset optimisation day in and day out, a task that is becoming far more complex with the advent of electric or alternative powered vehicles, they will be able to prepare businesses for the transition to zero emission vehicles seamlessly.

The secret of the algorithms in delivering such revolutionary benefits can be found in its use of two core AI techniques – the Monte Carlo Tree Search, which is applied when there is a particular problem in need of solving, and machine learning to predict the best sub-algorithm for each of a number of different problems. When used together this ‘super algorithm’ uses features of the input model, which can include aspects such as how many deliveries are to be made or the geographical area and will subsequently pick the best solution from the data available.


Colin Ferguson, CEO Optimize

Colin Ferguson, CEO of Optimize commented: “As the fleet and freight transport sector embarks on the journey to optimise their operations and decarbonise, a new layer of complexity will be added to the transport ecosystem as businesses transition to new vehicle types, energy sources and infrastructure requirements. As such we’re delighted to launch our latest suite of algorithms which utilise the power of AI and machine learning to detect patterns and data to improve the accuracy of the planning. with the aim of accelerating fleet decarbonisation and generating further efficiencies within fleets on behalf of our customers. Our next generation algorithm will power even more applications for the company and in turn deliver tangible and long-lasting results for fleet operators – allowing them to embark on their journey towards decarbonisation and Net Zero as well as to drive productivity and efficiency throughout their operations.”