Global technology leader ENRX has been selected to deliver a dynamic wireless charging system that will allow electric vehicles to charge while driving on a four-lane highway in Florida.


ENRX, a pioneer in wireless dynamic charging technology, has partnered with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) and ASPIRE Engineering Research Center for the construction of a one-mile electrified roadway on the new State Route 516, near Orlando, Florida.

The project aims to bring power to electric vehicles without stopping at recharging stations by harnessing the power of inductive wireless power transfer. Electric vehicles will receive a charge as they drive over electric coils embedded in the roadway, with energy flowing from the coils to a receiver pad mounted to the underside of the vehicle, providing safe, wireless power even at highway speeds.

ENRX is the only company with dynamic charging experience in powers above 100kW, and the charging capacity on this road segment will be 200kW. By comparison, typical fast charging is less than 150kW while rapid charging has a power of 150kW and above. Once installed, the charging system is maintenance-free. It is built to last for several decades and will work for all future systems.

Dynamic charging offers a new level of freedom and flexibility for electric vehicle drivers by eliminating the need for frequent stops at charging stations and enabling longer distances to be covered without recharging. While the initial trial will focus on passenger cars, this technology opens up new opportunities for commercial vehicles. Dynamic charging can reduce the need for large battery capacities, allowing vehicles to be equipped with lighter and more affordable battery packs. This further enhances the benefits of electric vehicles by making them more accessible to a wider range of consumers.