Gasrec, a leading provider of biomethane, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand for its products. The company reported that in June 2023, gas sales reached an all-time high, showing a remarkable 250% increase compared to March 2020, even before the pandemic-related demand surge.


James Westcott, Gasrec’s Chief Operating Officer, attributed the soaring demand to the increasing pressure on fleets from customers to decarbonise. Biomethane, particularly bio-LNG (liquified natural gas), has emerged as the most viable and readily-available solution, suitable for longer-haul missions with quick refueling times.

To meet the growing demand, Gasrec has been proactive in expanding its refueling infrastructure. In 2023 alone, it opened three new refueling facilities in Lutterworth, Fradley Park, and South Elmsall, increasing the network to 16 sites, with three more installations planned before the end of 2023.

Westcott emphasised Gasrec’s fuels are not only eco-friendly but also more cost-effective than diesel, allowing customers to save money while promoting sustainability. He encouraged fleets considering gas trucks to engage with their fuel providers promptly to ensure the availability of refueling infrastructure and to grasp the current exceptional demand in the market.