Danish hydrogen specialist Everfuel and French company Hy24 have partnered to create a €200 million joint venture focused on expanding hydrogen infrastructure in the Nordic region, particularly within the European Union. The collaboration aims to finance the development of electrolyser capacity to meet the growing demand for green hydrogen and support the transition to cleaner energy sources. 

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Danish Hydrogen specialist Everfuel and French company Hy24 have established a €200m joint venture aimed at advancing hydrogen infrastructure in the Nordic region. The joint venture will focus on financing the development of electrolyser capacity across the Nordics, with a particular emphasis on serving the growing market within the European Union. In this partnership, Everfuel holds a majority share of 51%, while the Hy24-managed Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure Fund owns the remaining 49%.

Jacob Krogsgaard, founder, and CEO of Everfuel, expressed the joint venture’s commitment to making green hydrogen commercially available by strategically locating hydrogen production facilities. This initiative aims to address the increasing demand for green hydrogen in various industries and mobility sectors across their core markets, aligning with their long-term growth and value creation plan.

Pierre-Etienne Franc, co-founder, and CEO of Hy24 emphasised the importance of deploying green hydrogen for the success of the energy transition. He noted the joint venture with Everfuel shares the common goal of accelerating the development of crucial hydrogen infrastructures to support the decarbonisation efforts in hard-to-abate sectors. The flagship project of their joint venture, known as HySynergy, is dedicated to turning this pioneering vision into a reality.