Volvo Trucks is delivering 20 fully electric heavy trucks to DFDS, Northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company, as part of a total order of 125 electric trucks. The deployment of electric, zero-exhaust emission trucks is a significant step towards Volvo Trucks’ sustainability target of having a 100% fossil-free supply chain by 2040.

Fourteen of the electric trucks will be used to transport goods to and from the Volvo Trucks assembly plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is charged using green electricity. The remaining six trucks will be used in commercial traffic, marking the debut of Volvo’s FM Electric models. In addition, four of the 20 trucks delivered to DFDS include fossil-free steel, further reducing their environmental impact.


Volvo Trucks started production of fully electric trucks in 2019 and has sold more than 4,300 electric trucks in over 38 countries around the world. Currently, the company offers the broadest range of electric models in series production, catering to a wide variety of transports in and between cities. By 2030, Volvo Trucks aims to have 50% of all new trucks it sells to be electric.

“We firmly believe in leading by example, and to start using zero-exhaust emission trucks in our own inbound flow of goods is an important part of our strategy to create a world-class, sustainable transport system. I´m really proud to have DFDS as a partner on this journey,” explains Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. 

“Replacing our conventional, diesel trucks with alternatives like the Volvo FM electric truck will have a significant impact on our carbon emissions. But this effort requires much more than financial investment. It’s important to work with energy providers and industry leaders, like Volvo Trucks, to make our climate ambitions a reality. The transition requires the right infrastructure and cooperation across various areas of society. It cannot be achieved by working alone,” says Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of Logistics Division at DFDS.