Tevva has recently conducted a successful range test of its 7.5t hydrogen-electric truck. Four members of the Tevva team, including Lead Engineer Charlie Cordell, drove the dual-energy prototype truck from its headquarters in London to Berwick-on-Tweed, England’s northernmost town. The return journey, covering a distance of almost 350 miles, was completed without the need for recharging.


The vehicle travelled over 350 miles on the return trip without stopping for recharging. This was made feasible by the truck’s hydrogen fuel cell, which charges the lithium battery in the range-extended (Rex) vehicle when needed.

The freezing weather conditions during the trip were challenging, but also provided important data on vehicle performance that will be used to further improve the development of the vehicle. The Tevva engineers stopped for hydrogen refueling at Element 2 in Teeside, a company that is building a national infrastructure of hydrogen refueling sites.

“The trip was a terrific demonstration of the range you can achieve in a truck that uses a blended system of electric and hydrogen. The freezing conditions were extremely challenging, but helpful too, in allowing us to gather important data about vehicle performance, meaning we could make tweaks here and there and tailor its development.” noted Charlie Cordell Lead Engineer, Tevva Rex.

Graduate Engineer Toby Hurst praised the truck’s performance, considering the harsh weather conditions. During the trip, the futuristic truck drew a lot of attention and admiration from fellow travelers. Charlie Cordell stated that people are not yet used to seeing hydrogen-electric trucks, but they will be soon as the zero-emission revolution continues.