The Taurus, Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell tractor unti, will make its premiere on May 18 at the Brisbane Truck Show thanks to Pure Hydrogen, an Australian hydrogen technology business. 



The 220kW 6x4 truck was created and developed in Australia. It has a low-voltage power system and, in future versions, will be able to tow B-Double weights up to 70 tonnes.

Following the Brisbane Truck Show, The Taurus will undergo trials with PepsiCo, which has the option to order additional hydrogen-powered vehicles until 2025. This partnership highlights the growing interest and investment in hydrogen fuel cell technology for commercial vehicles, as companies seek more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options.

In addition to The Taurus, Pure Hydrogen is also working on developing Australia’s first hydrogen-powered refuse truck, which is expected to be delivered to JJ Waste and Recycling by the end of June. This further demonstrates Pure Hydrogen’s commitment to advancing hydrogen fuel cell technology across different applications in the transportation sector, including waste management.

Pure Hydrogen is also actively involved in the hydrogen vehicle market through its 24% stake in H2X Global, a hydrogen vehicle company. H2X Global is currently undergoing final testing and approvals in the European market for its Warrego, a 4WD hydrogen fuel cell-powered utility vehicle. H2X Global has also established a subsidiary in Sweden, which recently secured a successful tender to supply hydrogen-powered vehicles to Renova, a municipal waste company based in Gothenburg, and received a $2 million payment as a result.

Scott Brown, Managing Director of Pure Hydrogen, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the co-development period for The Taurus, stating there have been no delays to the production timeline. This indicates a strong commitment to delivering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the market in a timely manner, and highlights the momentum and progress being made in advancing hydrogen fuel cell technology in the transportation industry, he adde