French start-up, Hyliko, has announced a partnership with Toyota to supply Fuel Cell Modules for its first hydrogen heavy-duty trucks. As the first hydrogen mobility platform dedicated to decarbonising road freight transport, Hyliko will offer two models of hydrogen trucks: a 44-tonne tractor and a 26-tonne straight truck (available in 6x2 and 6x4 variants). Each vehicle will be equipped with two Toyota Fuel Cell Modules built on the latest technological breakthroughs in hydrogen mobility following 30 years of development by Toyota.


This partnership represents a milestone in the development and assembly of the first Hyliko trucks. Having forged partnerships with hydrogen pioneers such as Plastic Omnium, GreenGT, and Forsee Power, Hyliko is building on the technological excellence of its hydrogen heavy-duty truck range.

Hyliko aims to develop clean, efficient vehicles for road freight transport and to roll out the key components of its offer, which includes leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks and the supply of hydrogen fuel.

Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Toyota who will equip our first vehicles with its hydrogen technology. Renowned for their reliability and performance levels, Toyota Fuel Cell Modules are key components in the design and construction of our new hydrogen trucks.”

Thiebault Paquet, Vice President Toyota Motor Europe R&D and Head of Fuel Cell Business, said, “Having such a holistic and long-term view on the growth of a viable hydrogen ecosystem is necessary for business sustainability and to reassure investors. Together with partners like Hyliko, we will continue stimulating eco-clusters around Europe towards a larger hydrogen society, as one of the main building blocks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.”