Westport Fuel Systems, a provider of advanced alternative fuel systems, has successfully completed a heavy transport demonstration in collaboration with KAJ Inrikes and other partners.


Source: Westport

The demonstration involved a prototype truck equipped with Westport’s H2 HPDI™ fuel system, hauling a trailer filled with approximately 40 tons of IKEA products in Älmhult, Sweden. This marks the second successful validation of the H2 HPDI system in a heavy haul application within the last 60 days.

The event showcased the entire hydrogen ecosystem, including green hydrogen production, hydrogen filling stations, Westport’s HPDI technology, vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, and the end user, IKEA, emphasising sustainable transportation services.

Kaj Johansson, president of KAJ Inrikes noted, “As the first heavy transport hauler in Sweden to be Euro VI compliant, we take emissions reduction very seriously. We are pleased to have participated in this demonstration as it illustrates our commitment to IKEA, and all our customers, to support their transport decarbonisation goals.” He continued, “Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system is an affordable and efficient technology because it keeps the current driveline and compression ignition engine platform while delivering the high performance we need at low cost for decarbonisation in long-haul trucking.” 

Anders Johansson, vice president, Heavy-Duty OEM for Westport Fuel Systems said, “Heavy hauling is recognised as amongst the most challenging applications within transportation to decarbonise. These heavy transport fleets require sustainable technologies that are viable for their operations as well as practical and affordable for today’s market.”