Walmart Canada has become the first major retailer in the country to incorporate a hydrogen fuel cell electric semi-truck into its fleet. The new truck, now operating in Mississauga, Ontario, is part of Walmart Canada’s goal to achieve a 100% alternatively-powered fleet.

nikola walmart

Source: Nikola Press

The Nikola hydrogen fuel cell ev Class 8 tractor, with a range of approximately 800 kilometers, produces zero tailpipe emissions and is estimated to save 97 tonnes of co2 emissions annually, according to the manufacturer. This marks the first time a retail fleet in North America has operated such a vehicle.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology enables longer-haul travel, expanding the capabilities of Walmart Canada’s fleet. The truck was sourced by ITD Industries, a transportation solutions provider based in Etobicoke, Ontario, and will be used for longer trips within the province.

“Introducing our first hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a regenerative company. This step demonstrates our commitment to embracing new technology and driving industry change,” said Gonzalo Gebara, President and CEO of Walmart Canada.

“We are proud to support Walmart Canada’s historic milestone and their commitment to a more sustainable future. This partnership underscores our shared vision for zero emissions and the positive impact on our communities and the planet,” added Steve Girsky, President and CEO of Nikola.