Volvo Trucks’ SuperTruck 2 marks a achievement in fuel efficiency, surpassing the US Department of Energy’s challenge with a remarkable 134% improvement. This innovation results from a blend of advanced aerodynamics and weight reduction, setting the stage for real-world applications and enhanced production models. Volvo is set to unveil the SuperTruck 2 to the public at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas.

In response to a challenge set by the US Department of Energy in 2016, Volvo Trucks has unveiled SuperTruck 2, a groundbreaking innovation that far surpasses its predecessors in fuel efficiency. The goal was to create an electric truck that would be 100% more fuel-efficient than previous models, and Volvo proudly announced not only meeting this objective but exceeding it.

The primary source of SuperTruck 2’s remarkable fuel economy is its enhanced aerodynamics. Its cab boasts a unique “perfect wedge shape with a rounded windshield,” and the fairings and tail design contribute to 50% less drag compared to a standard 2009 Volvo conventional truck.

Additionally, Volvo has reduced the truck’s weight through the use of materials like a composite driveshaft and a decreased number of axles compared to other American trucks. The slightly shorter cabin design also results in less material usage.

To further improve efficiency, SuperTruck 2 incorporates a 48V mild hybrid system acting as a generator with an integrated starter. This feature allows drivers to utilise comfort features without idling the engine for extended periods.

Volvo plans to unveil SuperTruck 2 to the public for the first time at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition, running from October 14 to 17 in Austin, Texas.

In addition to SuperTruck 2, Volvo will also showcase the all-electric VNR Electric 6x2 Day Cab Tractor, offering an impressive range of up to 442km.