Volvo Trucks will supply fully electric heavy-duty trucks to Amazon in Germany before the end of the year. The 20 Volvo FH Electrics are expected to cover more than one million road kilometres each year, fuelled solely by electricity.

“Big actors in the transport business play a key role in leading the industry’s efforts to lower its carbon footprint. Therefore I´m glad that Amazon is working with us to help reduce their emissions in longer and heavier transport assignments,” says Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

The Volvo FH Electric has a battery capacity of 540 kWh and an output power of 490 kW. The trucks range is up to 300 km, but can cover up to 500 km if a top-up is added during a typical workday, such as during a lunch break.

In September of this year, Volvo Trucks began serial manufacturing of heavy-duty electric vehicles, and the availability of electric trucks for intercity and regional haulage marks a significant milestone in the decarbonization of road transport.The manufacturer now have six electric truck models ready to order and in series production.

The electric versions of Volvo Trucks’ most important product lines, the heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM, and Volvo FMX trucks, will be critical in meeting Volvo Trucks’ global aim of 50% battery or fuel cell electric trucks sold by 2030. These electric heavy-duty trucks have a combined weight of 44 tonnes and the three models listed account for about two-thirds of the company’s sales.

“Amazon is committed to decarbonizing its fleet, and the middle mile has been a notoriously hard-to-abate sector,” explains Andreas Marschner, Vice President Transportation Services Europe at Amazon. “That’s why welcoming these electric heavy goods vehicles from Volvo into our fleet is such a critical milestone. We’re operating one of the fastest-growing commercial transportation electrification programs, and we’ll continue to invest and innovate to decarbonize and deliver packages to customers with zero emissions.”