A busy time for Volvo Trucks as it continues its product range renewal, with the Volvo FM Low Entry the latest new model to join the line-up. This battery electric-only model is designed for urban transport, catering to various assignments such as waste management, distribution, and construction.


Source: Volvo

Volvo Trucks has unveiled its latest electric-only model, the Volvo FM Low Entry, designed specifically for city transport needs. The FM Low Entry, is Volvo’s first-ever electric-only truck, and it tailored to address various transport tasks in urban areas, including waste management, distribution, and construction.

The truck’s low driving position contributes to excellent visibility, earning it a five-star rating in the Direct Vision standard by Transport for London. This rating reflects the vehicle’s adaptability to London’s regulations, set to take effect in Q4 2024. Versatile and adaptable, the Volvo FM Low Entry caters to specific requirements for tasks such as waste management, distribution, and construction.

Built on Volvo’s well-established FM model, the truck features a lowered and forward-mounted spacious cab, coupled with a low instep and flat floor for easy entry and exit. These design elements enhance the working environment, ensuring ergonomic comfort for drivers navigating busy city locations.

Initial sales of the new FM Low Entry are set to commence in Europe, including Turkey and South Korea, starting in Q1 2024, with production beginning in Q2 2024. With the addition of this all-electric city truck, Volvo now boasts a total of eight electric models in its range, and is aiming to achieve a 50% share of global sales by 2030 from zero emission vehicles.

Key Features of Volvo FM Low Entry:

  1. Visibility: Meets Transport for London’s 5-star Direct Vision Standard with standard specification.
  2. Steering: Equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering system for effortless steering and reduced vibrations.
  3. Seating Options: Three seat configurations available, including driver + 0, 1, or 3 passengers. The rear placement of three passenger seats minimizes blind spots, ensuring excellent visibility.
  4. Ergonomics: Features a low instep, flat floor, and well-positioned grab handles for easy and safe cab exit.
  5. Advanced Technology: Available with Volvo’s new advanced Camera Monitor System.
  6. Configurations: Available in two standing heights – Sleeper cab (1575 mm) and Extended/High sleeper (1945 mm)

The vehicle is available in five axle configurations (4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4) offering maximum gross vehicle weights from 19 to 32 tonne. Drive comes from a 330kW electric motor powered by four 360kWh batteries and offers a range of up to 200km, subject to the usual provisos of vehicle weight, driving style, driving cycle, topography, temperature, etc… The new FM Low Entry is compatible with DC (up to 250kW) or AC (43kW) charging.