Volvo Trucks has secured an order for 100 electric trucks from DFDS. This acquisition brings DFDS’s Volvo electric truck fleet to a total of 225 trucks, the largest fleet of heavy electric trucks owned by a single company in Europe.


Source: Volvo

DFDS has seen a rising demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions from its customer and consequently, the company has expanded its partnership with Volvo by purchasing an additional 100 electric trucks, following a previous acquisition of 125 units.

Currently, 95 o fthe initial truck order are in operation across Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with the remaining 30 slated for delivery throughout 2024. By bolstering its electric truck fleet, DFDS has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the end of 2023, by 1,516 tonnes.

The newly acquired electric trucks will be deployed across nine European markets, including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. These trucks will belong to the latest and more energy-efficient models of Volvo FH Electric and FM Electric.

DFDS is committed to enhancing sustainability in road transport and aims to electrify at least 25 percent of its truck fleet by 2030. Niklas Anderson, EVP of the Logistic Division at DFDS, emphasised the broader environmental benefits of the expanding electric truck fleet, noting its potential to support other companies in decarbonising their supply chains. Some of the new electric trucks will be utilised for transporting goods to and from Volvo Trucks’ assembly plant in Gothenburg.