Titan Aviation and Electra Commercial Vehicles have collaborated to develop the Titan-eRR20, a cutting-edge 100% electric refueller aimed to minimise airport greenhouse gas emissions. This zero-emission refuelling vehicle will be sent to and used at an airport in Ireland.


Titan Aviation has designed the Titan-eRR20, which is placed on an Electra e-Star electric chassis, specifically for refuelling operations. The electric refuelling system can provide more than 110,000 litres of Jet A1 or SAF on a single charge at flow rates of up to 2,500 LPM, while the onboard charger can charge the battery in around five hours.

”Emissions reduction is a global goal, but of course, it’s also essential at the point of use,” says Titan’s Civili Aviation Director Richard Lewis. ”Titan’s fully electric, zero-emission eRR20 has been designed with the operator in mind to offer the best possible working environment in terms of safety, ergonomics, and comfort. The airport’s operational staff will be in or around the refueller for their entire shift, so it being electric means they are no longer exposed to the engine exhaust gases from the engine revving to drive the pump, and of course, the noise, heat and vibration of traditional vehicles. The Electra chassis offers unequalled ease of access, best-in-class visibility, and intuitive controls. Overall, it’s a much better environment for operational staff to work in.”