British electric vehicle manufacturer Tevva has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the development of the regenerative braking system on its 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck.

Tevva partnered with ZF to integrate its Electronic Brake System (EBS) into Tevva’s zero-emission electric trucks.

Tevva and ZF (2)

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) adapted its EBS for seamless deployment in the Tevva 7.5-tonne battery electric vehicle, enhancing safety and responsiveness for drivers through a combination of regenerative and compressed air brakes.

To secure ZF’s approval, Tevva’s engineersmet stringent testing criteria, focusing on fine-tuning the electric truck’s vehicle control unit (VCU) to ensure compatibility with the EBS. The result is asystem that recuperates up to four times more energy than conventional compressed air brake systems, significantly optimising the range of Tevva’s electric truck, says the company. Testing of the adapted system took place at ZF’s test track in Jeversen, Germany, encompassing various conditions, gradients, and surface types.

The modern EBS system incorporates advanced technological features that control the blending of friction braking with the electric motor, effectively reducing brake wear and tear. By electronically transferring the driver’s deceleration request to all braking system components, the system significantly shortens response time, balances brake forces, and ensures smooth and efficient brake management.

The integration of the regenerative braking system not only enhances vehicle performance but also contributes to Tevva’s overarching goal of creating sustainable transportation solutions that reduce environmental impact and improve operational efficiency.

Tevva and ZF (3)

“Our broad product portfolio, including ZF’s standardised Electronic Braking System, enables faster time-to-market for new, innovative market players such as Tevva. Their commitment and agile engineering expertise allowed us to meet our stringent safety requirements and complete our project. We look forward to seeing the first Tevva trucks on the road.” said ZF’s Heiko Eggers, Head of Commercial Vehicle EMEA Application Engineering for Braking and ADAS.

“We have worked hard to secure a ringing endorsement from arguably one of the world’s most significant Tier 1 suppliers. Working with ZF is a crucial step in the momentum we are building as a truck manufacturer. The system has been adapted for use with our regen system; when the brake pedal is pushed, most of the ‘braking’ is handled by regen, meaning that the drive system slows the vehicle down,” added Uzair Jilani, Tevva’s Lead Engineer, Drive and Brake Systems. “The conventional braking system is still needed to bring the truck to a complete stop, but this double layer of safety is an excellent aid to more efficient driving. It also means that the hardware undergoes less strain to extend the braking system’s life in the long run.”