Tata Motors have introduced a line of CNG-powered medium and heavy duty trucks, as first featured in The Telegraph India

Girish Wagh, Executive Director, stated that the corporation is investigating gaseous fuels such as CNG, LNG, and hydrogen as alternative energy sources.

“Today we are launching CNG vehicles, next to CNG is LNG, Bio-CNG. Our engines are compliant with bio-CNG too. In small commercial vehicles, we will use ethanol blends. Under government guidelines, we will be ready with our fleet of E20 vehicles by April 1, 2023,” said Wagh 

The company is also exploring the option of using hydrogen in its path to zero emission.

“Hydrogen can be blended with CNG to form HCNG fuel. A blend of CNG with 20per cent hydrogen is available now. Another option is burning hydrogen in Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs).

“H2ICE is the next important stepping stone to net zero emission,” said Wagh.