New truck builder Quantron has unveiled its new hydrogen fuel cell tractor at the IAA Transportation truck show in Hanover

German truck builder Quantron has unveiled its new QHM FCEV hydrogen truck at the IAA Transportation 2022 show in Germany. The manufacturer claims the Nordic version of the new truck is capable of going 1500km before re-fuelling, while EU-spec trucks can drive 700km between fills. The new tractor unit, expected to go into series production next year, utilises Ballard Power Systems’ fuel cell engine. Underlining the initial market interest, Quantron has placed an order for an initial 140 fuel cell engines from Ballard, with an option to purchase a further 50 units - delivery is expected to commence in 2023.

Quantron and Ballard have a strategic partnership, announced last year, to accelerate the development of heavy duty hydrogen vehicles. Further details of the tie-up have been announced at IAA Transportation 2022, which sees Ballard take a minority equity investment in Quantron as part of the truck builder’s financing round of up to €50 million. Ballard’s investment will be used to develop Quantron’s fuel cell vehicle platforms, under the terms of a “Joint Development Agreement”. In return, Ballard will be the exclusive fuel cell supplier to the company for these platforms and will have the right to appoint a representative to Quantron’s board.



Source: Freight Carbon Zero

Quantron unveiled latest long-haul truck prototype at IAA Transportation 2022

“We are seeing growing global demand and policy support for zero emission transport as companies strive to reach decarbonisation targets. This collaboration accelerates our entry into the European truck market and aims to have Quantron’s initial hydrogen-powered, zero emission trucks on the road in the next 18 months,” said Randy MacEwen, CEO, Ballard Power Systems.

“Quantron is thrilled to advance our strategic partnership with Ballard. We see compelling mobility use cases where fuel cell engines are the most suitable zero emission solution, given the power and range requirements of the application,” commented Andreas Haller, founder, and Chairman of Quantron AG.