Scania UK has partnered with ReFuels to introduce a new three-axle, 6x2 CNG tractor unit in the UK.


Source: Refuels

“The addition of factory-made CNG versions of the larger and popular articulated 6x2 truck format will be a significant driver for ReFuels and Bio-CNG uptake across the UK. This opens a new, large market that supports future volume growth across our station network and enhances fleet decarbonisation,” says Philip Fjeld, CEO and co-founder of ReFuels. 

The new Scania 6x2 CNG truck took centre stage at Road Transport Expo in Stoneleigh, UK, on June 4. The 44-tonne 6x2 vehicle is the UK’s most popular articulated truck format and joins Iveco in offering a 6x2 tractor for UK operations.

Historically, the UK Bio-CNG truck market has been focused on 4×2 trucks (typically 26-38 tonnes), with approximately 21,000 trucks registered in the UK across all fuel types, representing 14% of the total number of articulated trucks in the UK. Currently, over 7.5% of all UK-registered 4x2 trucks are CNG-powered, according to data from fReFuels. The market for 6x2 trucks is six times larger, comprising 124,000 vehicles. The new 6x2 CNG truck offering is expected to significantly increase truck orders from existing and new customer fleets, with factory orders anticipated to begin in autumn 2024.

ReFuels operates the UK’s largest network of Bio-CNG refuelling stations, with 14 operational stations, one under construction, and a goal of 30-40 stations by the end of 2026.